EURICS welcomes junior or senior scholars working in the field of Chinese studies, essentially in Social Sciences and the Humanities. Research proposals coming from other disciplines are considered, provided that the fellows are open to dialogue with SSH disciplines. EURICS fellows are selected based on the interest and innovative dimension of the proposal as well as on the quality of their scientific background. EURICS attaches great importance to the fellows’ ability to create networks and to lead collaborations with scholars and experts from the partner institutions.

EURICS is a trilingual institute (French, English and Chinese) but most of its scientific activities take place in English.

A minimum of two years research professional experience completed after the obtention of the PhD degree is required. Applications are open worldwide to scholars willing to actively contribute to EURICS’ internal networking activities and events. 


EURICS ensures the quality and impartiality of its selection process. Each application is subject to peer review. Based on these evaluations, the Executive Committee operates twice a year the selection and finalises the invitation programme.